Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How It Works:

Send me an email, telling me basically or exactly what you were thinking of, whether you have it all worked out or have just a vague idea. Tell me what room, room size, wall size, feeling of the room, size of desired mural, and send some pictures of or tell me what you’d like. I can Google some images and send them back for idea building. Tell me a bit about yourself, including any mutual friends or associates, along with their contact info, as a reference.

In person, we’ll plan exactly what you want for your home, school, or business. Whether the wall is white or another color prior to my painting on it, I would need some of that paint for touch up's when doing the mural.

I typically use Acrylic paints because it dries quickly. Most walls have a satin finish or semi-gloss finish. Used acrylic paint is a flat or non-sheen medium. So, if you wish, I can over spray the mural with a matching satin or semi-gloss clear acrylic spray to maintain the sheen level. Egg-shell sheen walls would not be over sprayed. 

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