Tuesday, July 26, 2011

About the Artist:

My name is Erica Woods. I’m 24 years old, am married, a mother, an artist, and a recent entrepreneur.

I would say that the best part about this all is that we do it all free hand. No stencils. Just look, & draw or paint it.
I’ve loved to draw since I was old enough to hold a crayon, as I come from a family of artists. My father drew architectural designs and house plan layouts. My mother is a fine arts instructor and artist. I have four older brothers, who were always drawing with impressive skills of varying degrees - charcoals and graphite drawings of everything from simple images or cartoons to complex and impressive art.  I’d always watch everyone draw or paint. At first I tried to copy their work and, then, began to do my own.

 As a young girl, I’d trace different poses of myself on my parent’s large bathroom mirror with dry erase marker, while sitting up on the counter. Once, I drew a life-sized mural, taken from photos, on the wall in my walk-in closet. It turned out to be a multi-figure mural: my friends and I, my dad holding our family pet bunny, and me in 3rd grade. I hoped my mom wouldn’t be upset at my drawing all over my walls. When she saw it, she was shocked but was so impressed that she just shook her head and smiled. We kept the penciled wall mural and even sprayed it to preserve it.

I use to dread drawing faces or profiles because it was so hard! But, now, I love it because it is so hard. Overcoming the challenge is fulfilling and the achievement pushes me forward. I love working out the details in the eyes or other aspects that make each face unique. I’m not perfect in rendering everything, but sometimes, it’s the little imperfections that make a project ultimately perfect because it shows that it is real, having been handmade. Personalized!

My son’s nursery was made just for him, having painted him a realistic, visually dimensional, and detailed jungle, with monkeys, bananas, parrots, and trees wrapping his bedroom, in panoramic display. My mom worked with me, and I painted on it for days -  that was the catalyst for my mural business.

It was in painting gifts for family that I conceptualized the “More” portion of my business. Once, I bought a couple little wooden planes, in a store’s dollar section. I recreated them in bright rich colors and individualized them, for my nephews, by painting their names on them. They loved them. I painted a “How Tall am I?” wall board and ABC box, with giraffes, for my son. I’ll always treasure them and he’ll remember. That’s how gifts should be. Having submitted for and won awards in school, I decided to add paintings and drawings, duplicating art or photos, to my enterprise.

My name is Colleen R. Peppers Moorefield. I am a mother & proud grandmother, as well as a professional artist for many years now.
Having been passionate about creating art, since I was a little girl who blended crayon coloring, I chose to study art as I grew to adulthood and obtained a bachelors degree, having far exceeded required art-course credit hours, for the sheer joy of learning. One of my most valued instructors was a master, who saw unimaginable nuances of color, beyond the possible perception of others. It was through completing his demandingly comprehensive and extensive color-theory exercises that my mind began to grasp the in-depth concepts of color, with its subtle hue variations and slight temperature shifts, learning to see all that prior seemed elusive. Those tendencies for detail and an eye for accuracy, as marks of mastery passed to me, I continue to teach my student-clients of visual fine arts, for over fifteen years now, incorporated with the “Elements of Art” and “Principles of Design”, and prior, while having served as the Director and Core Instructor of Arizona Art School for five years.

As a mother of five children now grown, I found they each possess an obvious artistic ability that has enabled them to perceive, create, and design in art-related realms. I’m amazed at my daughter’s imaginative mind and impressive hand. Combining our passions and abilities, we’ve decided to team up, for the fun and rewards of it, through “Moorefield Murals and More”, to share with you the wonder of the world we see and treasure.

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